Ultimate performance - the spearhead of Leeze LABS


The basis: More than 12 years of wheel development expertise

After more than 12 years of wheel development experience, we have realized our vision of the perfect wheel in the new ULTRA product line. We make no compromises for ultimate performance: The latest technologies and only the highest quality components from our premium partners are used in ULTRA wheels. 

The goal: Reaching the limits of what is technologically feasible

We asked ourselves: Are we able to realize our vision of the perfect wheelset? After several years of development work, we provide the answer with the Leeze ULTRA product line. Here we demonstrate what we at Leeze are capable of with our passion for wheel construction: Achieving ultimate wheel performance by hand-picking, refining and matching the best materials and components.

DThe ULTRA product line is the new spearhead of Leeze Labs: Here, the best materials and technologies meet many years of Leeze know-how - for perfection in wheel construction.  

Hand-picked premium components: We only use the highest quality wheel components from our premium partners for wheels in the ULTRA line. In this way, we ensure that every ULTRA wheel is built to perfect quality and meets the needs of even the most demanding requirements.   

Precise wheel setup: Ceramic bearings are becoming the standard - we go one step further: For the ULTRA line, we only use manually mounted CeramicSpeed Coated bearings with a lifetime guarantee, which are perfectly matched to the ULTRA wheels. 

Weight reduction without any compromises: In addition to the optimized fibre layout of the ULTRA carbon rims with ultra-thin water transfer decals, the wheels are built exclusively with double-threaded VONOA aero carbon spokes in collaboration with VONOA, which reduce the wheel weight by almost 150g.

Ultimate agility: The combination of CeramicSpeed Coated bearings and ultra-stiff VONOA aero carbon spokes, together with precise manual assembly on site in Havixbeck, ensure unprecedented agility and reduced inertia - the ULTRA performance advantage.  

New Leeze Ultra wheelsets

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