Leeze Expertise/Innovation & D2R Development

Wheels developed in the Leeze LAB

Welcome to the Leeze LABS - Here we make the expertise we have built up over the years in wheelset development comprehensible and tangible.

The combination of wheel expertise, start-up agility and passion

Leeze Experience Hub

At Leeze, technological expertise and more than 12 years of experience in wheel construction meet maximum customer proximity and start-up agility. We are passionate about developing and producing products that enable every cyclist to get the best out of themselves: From newcomers to World Tour pros.

Aero optimisation revolutionised

Leeze D2R Development

In the age of artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), it should be clear: Digital simulations and optimisations can be significantly more reliable, precise and efficient than analogue and expensive prototype construction in a laboratory environment. We prove this with our products: The Leeze development focus is therefore on completely digital analyses - in our revolutionary Leeze D2R Development.

Wheels for every budget and every purpose


The wheel concepts developed in the Leeze Labs form the basis for our wheel portfolio in the BASIC, WASO and ULTRA product lines. We pursue clear objectives with each product line - find out more on the detailed pages.

AAero for Everyone - At an unbeatable price.

Leeze BASIC is a milestone in Leeze wheel development. Proven Leeze construction quality, D2R aero-optimized and awarded with numerous test victories - the Leeze BASIC product line.

Wheels with the Basic technology

D2R perfected - The unrivaled price-aero ratio.

Weight, Aero, Stiffness: Optimized. Leeze WASO line wheels are optimized in the D2R Development for top performance in every application and racing scenario.

Wheels with WASO technology

Ultimate performance - The spearhead of Leeze Labs.

Leeze ULTRA: The latest technologies and the finest choice of materials (VONOA carbon spokes, CERAMICSPEED bearings) meet 12 years of Leeze development expertise.

Wheels with ULTRA technology

Born out of love for the sport

The Brand Leeze

Pursue your Passion
With Leeze, we want to establish a cycling brand that every cyclist can identify with. We are cyclists at heart - and Leeze stands for the best overall package of price, quality and genuine passion for cycling.

Formed in 2012 - expertise in wheel construction for 12 years.

Components for maximum quality

Leeze Development Partner

Over the past 12 years, we have been able to build up a broad network of development partners who meet our highest quality standards and with whose help we realise our wheel concepts by selecting the highest quality components. This enables us to achieve the highest quality of construction and materials in all our wheels.

The best ceramic bearings - MADE in Denmark


We install optimised Ceramicspeed bearings in our wheels. In future, we will also offer Ceramicspeed coated bearings with a lifetime guarantee.

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Our partner for premium spokes and nipples. Optimised for every rim and adapted together in constant exchange.

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Carbon rims & frames - HANDMADE IN CHINA

Leeze Carbon

In close cooperation with our carbon partner, our rims are manufactured in our own moulds in China. Calculations in D2R Development and our experience from the Leeze Experience Hub result in first-class carbon rims and frames.

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