The best price-/aero ratio

Leeze Disc BASIC

If you want to experience stiffness, weight and aerodynamics in the usual Leeze quality in a new, attractive price range, then the BASIC models are the perfect selection for you!

The CC Disc Basic line:

Wheelsets with price-/aero advantage

With our ambitious claim to develop the best wheels, we found to Prof. Eric Helter (Centre of image). The aerodynamics expert from Münster and passionate cyclist has since contributed his expertise and skills in the development of aero wheels. The rim shape of the BASIC Carbon line is adapted from our WASO technology.

Eric Helter on the aerodynamics of Leeze wheels Webinar Snippet

Price-performance winner with aero advantage


Digital to real

Many different wind tunnel tests quickly explode the development costs for new wheels. For this reason, we decided to focus on digital analysis. To obtain a solid and reliable basis for future wheel development, we have also verified our digital CFD analyses in some basic wind tunnel tests.

Nevertheless, we focus on our digital calculations and not only because of the high development costs and effort: with digital analyses, the wheel profiles can be tested much more efficiently and, above all, no less reliably for the most important variables.


Atmospheric pressure, humidity, wind speed, inflow angle, ground speed, fork and frame shape and spokes (number, intersection, arrangement, shape).

No wind tunnel test manages to realistically represent these multiple variables in an efficient manner. In times of highly complex flight simulators and more, it should be clear that we can now create digitally better simulations and thus perfect products more reliably than with expensive prototype construction in a laboratory environment. Our confident claim is to prove this through our products. Especially the aerodynamic advantages are noticeable in our BASIC models.

Top stiffness

Due to intensive FEM analyses, we achieve a very high stiffness with our wheelsets despite their extremely low weight. The fiber orientation, the fiber volume content (ratio of fibers to resin) as well as the number of fibers could not only be precisely predicted, but also implemented just as accurately using a new braiding process.

Further we hold to the proven and stiffness-promoting combination of Sapim CX-Ray and the slightly thicker CX-Sprint aero spokes for the drive side in the rear wheel.



We are not the only ones who are convinced of the BASIC wheelsets: The CC 50 Disc BASIC was tested in TOUR magazine (04/2021) and won the test for disc brake wheels in the price range up to 1,200€ by far. Awarded for the best aerodynamics and the greatest stability in crosswinds. The carbon wheels with the best price-aero ratio come from Leeze!