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Weight,Aero,Stiffness:Optimized. Leeze WASO line wheels are optimized in the D2R Development for best performance in every application and racing scenario.

D2R Aero Development: In the WASO line, we fully exploit the possibilities of Leeze D2R Development under the direction of Prof. Dr. Eric Helter. We have spent many hundreds of hours on various high-performance computers to ensure that each wheelset is optimized to the maximum for its intended use in terms of aerodynamics. We now also use VR-supported wind tunnel simulations and AI to ensure the highest WASO standards in future wheel generations. 

Optimized wheel weight: We achieve record weights thanks to extremely light and perfectly matched components. We are also sticking with the proven and stiffness-enhancing combination of Sapim CX-Ray and the slightly thicker CX-Sprint blade spokes for the drive side of the rear wheel.

Maximum stiffness: Thanks to intensive FEM analyses, we achieve a very high level of stiffness with our wheels despite their extremely low weight. The fiber orientation, the fiber volume content (proportion of fibers to resin) and the number of fibers were not only precisely predetermined, but also implemented just as precisely using an innovative braiding process.


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LeezeCC 38 Road EVO WASO
Sale priceFrom €1.399,00
LeezeCC 78 Road EVO WASO
Sale priceFrom €1.399,00
LeezeCC 58 Road EVO WASO
Sale priceFrom €1.399,00
LeezeAC 35 Road
Sale priceFrom €599,00
LeezeCC 38.58 Road EVO WASO
Sale priceFrom €1.399,00
LeezeCC 58.78 Road EVO WASO
Sale priceFrom €1.399,00