CC 40 Allroad EVO WASO
CC 40 Allroad EVO WASO
CC 40 Allroad EVO WASO
CC 40 Allroad EVO WASO
CC 40 Allroad EVO WASO


CC 40 Allroad EVO WASO

Sale price€1.399,00
Body Type:Shimano

Pre-order - Delivery from the beginning of August due to increased demand

Scope of delivery:
• Wheelset
• Valve stickers against rattling valves (2 pcs.)
• 2x tubeless rim tape (already mounted)

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It's finally here: the first aero-gravel wheelset in the EVO WASO line optimised for maximum performance. The usual brilliant aerodynamics with minimum susceptibility to crosswinds and maximum agility on and off the road.
In terms of aerodynamics and accelerating performance, this wheelset is once again the benchmark in the aero gravel wheels category in the RennRad magazine 07/24 comparison test.

  • All-rounder for tough use on flat to hilly terrain
  • Optimised aerodynamics thanks to medium-height rim and blade spokes
  • Leeze lightweight: 1,330 (± 5%) grams per wheelset
Intended use
  • Allroad wheelset for use on and off the road
  • High-end Leeze EVO hubs, rims with hooks and 24mm rim width
  • 21 Sapim blade spokes in a 2:1 spoke pattern for noticeably more agility
30 32 35 40 45 50 55
  • Best gravel setup with 40mm
  • Best road comfort setup with 30-32mm tyres
  • Tyre widths from 30mm to 55mm can be used


Weight 1330g (5% Toleranz)
Rim material Carbon
Rim type 24-622 mit Haken
Braking system Scheibenbremse Centerlock
Rim height 40mm
Rim width 32mm
Inner rim width 24mm
Logos weiß oder schwarz, einlackiert
Tire type Falt-/Drahtreifen, Tubeless Ready
Tire widths 30-55mm
Hub Leeze Disc EVO VR & HR
Freewheel Shimano 10-/11-/12-fach/SRAM 10-/11-fach, SRAM XDR 12-fach, Campagnolo, Campagnolo N3W, Shimano Micro Spline
Axle standard 12mm Steckachse (12x100mm, 12x142mm)
Number of spokes 21/21
Spokes FW Sapim CX-Ray (Messerspeichen), 3x gekreuzt / Sapim CX-Ray (Messerspeichen), radial
Spokes RW Sapim CX-Ray (Messerspeichen), radial / Sapim CX-Ray (Messerspeichen), 3x gekreuzt
Weight limit 110kg Systemgewicht


Weight, Aero, Stiffness: Optimized. Leeze WASO line wheels are optimized in the D2R Development for best performance in every application and racing scenario.

D2R Aero Development: In the WASO line, we fully exploit the possibilities of Leeze D2R Development under the direction of Prof. Dr. Eric Helter. We have spent many hundreds of hours on various high-performance computers to ensure that each wheelset is optimized to the maximum for its intended use in terms of aerodynamics. We now also use VR-supported wind tunnel simulations and AI to ensure the highest WASO standards in future wheel generations.

D2R development

Optimiertes Laufradgewicht: Durch enorm leichte und aufeinander bestens abgestimmte Komponenten erreichen wir Rekordgewichte. Weiter halten wir an der bewährten und steifigkeitsfördernden Kombination aus Sapim CX-Ray und der etwas dickeren CX-Sprint Messerspeichen für die Antriebsseite im Hinterrad fest.

Leeze Labs

Maximum stiffness: Thanks to intensive FEM analyses, our wheels achieve a very high level of stiffness despite their extremely low weight. The fibre orientation, the fibre volume content (proportion of fibres to resin) and the number of fibres were not only precisely predetermined, but also precisely implemented using an innovative braiding process.

D2R development