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Wheel Check


Wheel Check

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Ceramicspeed Bearing Service:

Ceramicspeed Bearing Service



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With our wheel check you can have your wheels once by us professionally checked. We check all components whether they are fully intact, check the spoke tension and true your wheelset for you. If something is defective and further costs arise, you will be contacted by us. In this case we will only charge you the material costs and do the rebuild for free.

Ceramicspeed bearing service: If you have Ceramicspeed bearings installed in your Leeze wheelset, you should choose this option. Ceramicspeed has designed its bearings to be extremely durable. To make the most of this potential, Ceramicspeed recommends regular maintenance of the bearings. This involves inspecting the bearings for contamination and renewing and adjusting the lubrication to the perfect level. Original Ceramicspeed lubricants are included in this service, as is any replacement of defective bearings within the first four years after purchase.


After purchase, you send us the wheelset with the printed and completed service sheet (this will be made available to you as a download after purchasing the wheel check).

We perform the wheel check (optionally also the maintenance of the Ceramicspeed bearings).

You will get the wheelset back. We will pay the shipping costs for the return shipment to you.