LEEZE Freehub Campagnolo
LEEZE Freehub Campagnolo
LEEZE Freehub Campagnolo
LEEZE Freehub Campagnolo


LEEZE Freehub Campagnolo

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LEEZE Freehub Campagnolo

9-/10-/11-/12-speed / Ultimate / Advanced (6 locking pawls)

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Leeze GmbH
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Do you have any questions about the product?

The freehub is only for Leeze wheels and cannot be used with other brands!

    Please select the right freehub variant for your road bike or gravel wheelset

    • Models in the BASIC product range use the BASIC freehub (4 locking pawls).
    • Models in the EVO WASO & WSTO product range, older product ranges and special conversions to quick release use the Ultimate / Advanced freehub (6 locking pawls).
    • MTB freehubs can be found via the separate product Leeze MTB freehub.

    Further freehubs from older models on request, by phone or email. Images may vary.