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LEEZE Coffee

Leeze Espresso / 200g

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The fastest wheels come from Havixbeck - the tastiest coffee too!

Coffee is of great importance in cycling and is simply part of it in many ways: be it the long-awaited coffee break on a long ride or as a stimulant just before the important race. The fact is: coffee simply tastes good and cycling is an indispensable part of it! We at Leeze love cycling and that goes hand in hand with our love of coffee.

In our opinion, top-quality coffee from the best growing areas in the world also ensures top performance on the bike! The traditional, artisanal roasting process in the drum roaster gives the Leeze coffee an individual, sparkling taste.

In order to meet all requirements, as with our wheels, we have three different types on offer:

Leeze Espresso

Espresso with 85% Arabica and 15% Robusta - chocolaty, nutty, strong - roasted in Havixbeck

Promenade Mixture

Espresso with 90% Arabica and 10% Robusta - caramel, fruity, creamy - roasted in Havixbeck

Leeze Crema

Café Crema with 95% Arabica and 5% Robusta - nutty, flowery, harmonious - roasted in Havixbeck

- all coffees are only available as whole beans -