Purchase transaction

The following payment methods are accepted in our online shop:

  • Credit and Debitcards
  • Klarna
  • Sofort Überweisung
  • PayPal
  • Advance payment

When picked up at the Leeze Bike Store:

  • EC Card payment

We generally grant our customers the legal 2-year warranty on our entire range. This applies to both carbon parts and other items. The warranty claims are initially limited to subsequent performance (rectification of defects or replacement delivery). In case of failure of the subsequent performance, the right to reduction of the price or withdrawal from the contract exists. In addition, the warranty provisions of the manufacturer shall apply. The instructions for use and recommendations must be observed. Warranties are excluded for damage caused by improper use, insufficient care, weather influences/force majeure and falls/accidents. In the case of carbon parts, we also do not accept any warranty for damage caused by cleaning products or care products such as chain cleaner. We recommend the use of rinsing water, petroleum ether or bike cleaner.

For details on our shipping terms, please see our shipping information


Due to the large number of pre-orders and delivery delays due to the Covid situation, we unfortunately have fluctuating delivery times at the moment. Please note any information on delivery times on the product pages. We usually have all components in stock and your wheelset can be delivered within 3-7 working days from the day we receive your payment. As soon as the goods leave our production, you will receive a shipping notification. Standard shipping usually takes no longer than two working days. If you want to be sure that your wheelset will be delivered the next day by 6pm, then select express shipping. There is a surcharge of €10 for this, so the fastest shipping method will cost you €19.90. For special requests or rare accessories, it may take a little longer. However, if there is a really long delay in delivery for any reason, you will be contacted by email.

If your wheels have been damaged during shipping, please inform us immediately. We will then contact you to clarify the further processing (return shipment, etc.).
Contact form

Yes, you can find our opening hours here. In the Leeze Bike Store you can get an overview of the entire Leeze product range, and we also offer personal advice on our Sensa and Berria bikes and our own Leeze bikes. In addition, our workshop staff will solve any problem on your bike thanks to their many years of experience and passion for cycling.

You can contact us via email, phone, WhatsApp or the contact form. Thanks to our staff, who have many years of experience and a real passion for cycling, we are able to give you excellent advice and solve any problem.

Yes, if you have added the appropriate components to your purchase and selected the "Mounting" option, they will be mounted before shipping. Please note: The tubeless tyre packages will be added to your new wheelset and not mounted to avoid possible accidents in shipping with the sealing milk.

Service & Maintenance

No. Our automatic truing machine already presses down strongly during the truing process, thus simulating a high load. Re-centring is therefore not necessary. The tension of our spokes lasts for many years under normal load. Nevertheless, we recommend a regular wheel check (approx. every 12-24 months). We would be happy to do this for you. You can find it in our online shop or book it by phone or e-mail.

Yes, you can order our wheel check in our online shop. With it, you can have your wheels professionally checked by us. We check all components to make sure they are fully intact, check the spoke tension and centre your wheelset for you. If something is defective and additional costs arise, we will always contact you beforehand. In this case, we will only charge you for the material costs and carry out the conversion free of charge.

The maintenance requirements of your wheelset depend on many different factors. The more often and the longer distances you ride, the more wear and tear you will have on your wheels and the more maintenance-intensive they will be.

In general, it is recommended to have your wheels checked once per season (in winter). The best place to do this is at your local dealer or with our wheel check. An overview of our listed Leeze dealers can be found hier.

We recommend regular cleaning of your wheels, preferably with rinsing water, petroleum ether or bike cleaner. After use in rain/bad weather, you should clean your wheels immediately afterwards and check the brake pads in particular for small foreign bodies. This prevents excessive wear of the brake flanks.If you have several wheelsets or if you do not use your wheels for a longer period of time, we advise you to store them in a safe place with little humidity. You can achieve optimal storage in our Wheelset bags, which are also available in the online shop.

You don't have to do anything. In fact, the black coating on the brake side of our AC35 can wear off over time, which we already point out in the product description. However, this is merely optical wear and tear and not damage. Due to the material, this cannot be avoided. However, this is not possible with our carbon wheelsets, as the material of the wheel is black, whereas the aluminium wheelsets are silver-coloured and black-coated or anodised. With rim brakes, this can lead to wear of the brake flanks. Riding in the rain can accelerate this effect.

When you buy a new wheelset, we recommend that you book our service package aswell. This gives you the opportunity to send your Leeze wheelset to us for a complete service. The following services are included:

  • Checking rims, hubs, spokes, nipples
  • Control of the bearings
  • Check concentricity (lateral & radial runout, hub centricity, spoke tensions)
  • True your wheelset
  • Kostenloser Tausch aller defekten Standard-Lager (bis 2 Jahre nach Kauf)
  • Free replacement of all defective Ceramicspeed Ceramic bearings (up to 4 years after purchase, please observe instructions for maintenance of Ceramicspeed bearings).
  • 50% discount on the exchange of all defective (non-Ceramicspeed) ceramic bearings (up to 2 years after purchase).
  • Free return shipment of the wheels

The service takes 2-7 business days depending on the workload of our service centre. The shipping time is 1-3 business days. If possible, the wheelset should be sent without tyres, cassette and other accessories. In any case, you should clean the wheelset before sending it to us. This can significantly reduce the processing time.

We recommend that you keep the wheel box when purchasing the service package. This guarantees safe shipping. The cheapest way to ship the wheelset is with Hermes

The wheel check can be ordered for every customer, regardless of the age of their wheelset. We check all components to make sure they are fully intact, check spoke tension and true your wheelset. If something is defective, you will be contacted before any further costs are generated.

The service package can be booked for every new wheelset. With this package you can send your wheelset to us for a complete service. The rims, hubs, spokes, nipples and bearings are checked and the wheel is checked for radial and lateral run-out and trued. Defective standard bearings will be replaced free of charge (up to 2 years after purchase), defective Ceramicspeed bearings will be replaced free of charge (up to 4 years after purchase, please note the maintenance instructions), defective (non-Ceramicspeed) Ceramic bearings with 50% discount (up to 2 years after purchase). In addition, your wheelset will be sent back to you free of charge.

It can generally happen that the hub caps loosen. You can easily fix this yourself by hand-tightening the hub with a 5 mm Allen key (insert one into the left side, the other into the right side) in the opposite direction (3-5 Nm).
By the way, this does not necessarily have to be noticeable through wobbling or slight play. We recommend checking and retightening the caps at regular intervals (approx. every 2,000 km) to protect the bearings and keep wear to a minimum.

You can buy the Laufradcheck. We check all components to make sure they are fully intact, check the spoke tension and centre your wheelset for you. If something is defective and additional costs arise, we will always contact you beforehand. In this case, we will only charge you for the material costs and carry out the conversion free of charge.

Technical informations

Our BASIC wheels offer a cost-effective entry into the world of Leeze wheels. If you want to experience stiffness, weight and aerodynamics in the usual Leeze quality at an attractive price, the BASIC models are the ideal choice! With our EVO WASO and EVO WSTO category wheels, we have set ourselves the goal of creating the best wheels on the market. These wheels stand out for their superior performance in the areas of weight, aerodynamics and stiffness.

Yes, you can upgrade your wheelset to Ceramicspeed bearings at any time. Simply send us your wheels or bring them by. We will be happy to install your Ceramicspeed bearings. You can also find the products individually in our online shop or on request.

With a Ceramicspeed bearing you can get a few more watts of frictional resistance. Ceramic balls are more precisely manufactured, have a higher degree of hardness and are therefore more durable with less friction in the bearing in the long term. Ceramic bearings can also be regreased with a special grease. Steel bearings, on the other hand, are completely removed and cannot be serviced.

Our wheelsets are all delivered with tubeless ready rim tape and are therefore tubeless rideable. You can order accessories for your tubeless wheelset directly.

All regular wheelsets are suitable for riders up to 110kg. In general, a wheelset with a rider weight of more than 100kg is always more susceptible to maintenance because of the stronger forces acting on it. You should simply have the wheelset checked for wear and trued regularly by your local dealer or by us. If the rider's weight exceeds 110 kg, we recommend contacting us by phone. Together we will find the right solution for you..

You will find the approved tyre widths and the maximum air pressure here.

If you have a new groupset or a new bike with a different groupset but want to continue using the existing Leeze wheelset, we offer in our shop the suitable freehub for your wheel for sale. You can get freehubs for older wheel models on request by phone or email. Please note that these freehubs are only suitable for Leeze wheels and cannot be used for other brands.

Everything about your ride

First of all, we hope that you are physically well and that you did not suffer any serious injuries in your crash.

If your wheels do not have any obvious visual defects, we recommend that you carry out our wheel check. We will quickly find out if there is any major damage. If any damage has occurred, we will inform you and discuss the next steps with you.

If your wheels are obviously moderately to severely damaged, then depending on the age of your wheels we can offer you improved conditions for the repair or purchase of a new wheelset as part of a crash replacement.

The best way to do this is to send us an e-mail with photos of the affected wheelset to info@leeze.de

The choice of material has nothing to do with your previous experience. Especially for all weight optimisers and technology enthusiasts, carbon is THE material of choice in bike racing. It is light, has immensely high stability and stiffness despite its light weight and good aerodynamics due to the rim shape. Not only in cycling, but also in aerospace engineering, Formula 1 and many other sports, carbon is the highest quality material. Apart from maximum driving pleasure, carbon is also an absolute eye-catcher in purely visual terms.

Yes, this is possible if the wheels themselves do not have to be clamped/tensioned anywhere and the bike can then still be transported safely. It is important that no external pressure is applied laterally to the rims. In general, it should also be noted that especially in wet conditions, the bearings can be affected. The spray mist behind the vehicle has a similar effect here as a high-pressure cleaner held directly on the hubs.

Dealer's Questions

For us, customer satisfaction is our top priority. For this reason, it is very important for us that you are a service-oriented dealer who enjoys providing customers with the best possible advice on all aspects of road bikes. Our products are of high quality and we want you to represent them well. We already have a good price-performance ratio, therefore a very high discount is out of the question for us. Apart from this, we do not have any special conditions that would exclude you as a dealer in principle. However, we would like to get to know you briefly (by phone) before you register as a Leeze dealer so that we can get a first impression of you.

Under Händler werden On this page you can send us your contact details and we will provide you with all the necessary dealer information. Afterwards, you can directly request your test wheelset. The best way to do this is to contact us by phone.