RennRad Test: Faster on gravel

The CH 40 Allroad EVO WASO is the most aerodynamic wheelset in the test and is awarded as a Race-Tipp .

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Light, stiff, lively and stable: Leeze from Münsterland succeeds in making an almost perfect appearance. Test victory!

CC 38 Disc BASIC 2.0

Roadbike Edition 05/2024:
"Leeze manages the feat of standing out from a very narrow test field: the highest stiffness values in the test, a set weight of less than 1500 grams and a great practical impression catapulted the CC 38 to test victory. The rims come with a new fiber lay-up and wider rim width, the optional Croder ceramic bearings run as smooth as butter. With standard bearings, the CC 38 would be even 200 euros cheaper..."

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Road & Gravel - Allroad

Leeze AC 25 Allroad EVO WSTO

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"The Leeze AC 25 Disc convince in all-round use as a robust gravel and road wheelset - both with tubeless and clincher tyres. The low weight and high rigidity are also at a balanced high level. And: The price-performance ratio of the Leeze wheels is very good."

Leeze AC 25 Allroad EVO WASO im Rennrad im Test.

Ready for any surface

CH 40 Disc BASIC Test

"Light, wide and aero? If you mount the Leeze CH 40 Gravel Basic on a gravel bike, you don't have to make any compromises in any aspect, and the wheelset is just as rigid as it is inexpensive. Velomotion took a close look at how the company from Münsterland manages to do this"
- Velomotion

Tour Test winner (04/2021)

CC 50 Disc Basic

We are not the only ones who are convinced by this wheelset: the CC 50 Disc BASIC was tested in the TOUR Magazin (04/2021)  getestet and won the test for disc brake wheels in the price range up to 1,200€ by far. It was awarded for the best aerodynamics and the greatest stability in crosswinds. The carbon wheels with the best price-aero ratio come from Leeze in Münsterland!

Rennrad 09/2021

CC 35 Disc EVO WASO Test

RennRad magazine tested aero wheels from all price ranges in its current issue 09/2021.

Also present were the Leeze CC 38 Disc BASIC and the CC 35 Disc EVO WASO.

All wheels were tested in the wind tunnel, in the laboratory and in practice.

The CC 38 Disc BASIC convinced with the appealing price-performance ratio and achieved the best values in the test field for lateral rigidity and robustness.

The Leeze CC 35 Disc EVO WASO is the fastest and lightest wheelset compared to other models with 35mm high rims. The aerodynamics were also rated positively. For this it received the award "Allround Tip".

Both wheelsets can also be ordered with ceramic bearings, tyres and our service package.

The entire article on the test can be read at

ROADBIKE 09/2021

CC 38 Disc BASIC Test

The CC 38 Disc BASIC, one of our bestsellers, scored particularly well with perfect concentricity and the best rigidity values compared to the competition.

The 38 was also convincing in the road test. Good acceleration, reasonable damping and even crosswind influences hardly affect the smooth running. In addition, there is a choice between black and white for the colour of the Leeze logos.

The wheelset can also be ordered with ceramic bearings, tyres and our service package.

You can find the whole article on:

LifeCYCLE magazine 12/2021

CC 38 Disc BASIC in test and visit to Havixbeck

Martin from LifeCYCLE magazine visited us in Havixbeck and published an exciting report about the CC 38 Disc BASIC and the development of our wheels! In addition to insights into the production, there is also a detailed FAQ on the subject of wheels and an extensive test ride and a field report from the Leeze CC 38 Disc BASIC.

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